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Wiraka Billiard Academy was set up on the 15th November 2014. It is the subsidiary company of Wiraka Pte Ltd which has over 30 years of business history. 


WBA is one of the finest billiards academies in Asia. With a spacious space of 2,200 square meters, it is beautifully furnished with 15 Wiraka snookers tables, 4 American pool tables, 9 Chinese pool tables, tournament area, private training rooms, classroom, student resting area and kitchen to provide a holistic and conducive learning environment. With a team of professional certified foreign and local coaches, students and professional players are able to develop their skills to their best potential.


Certified as the official training academy with Chinese Billiard Snooker Association (CBSA), WBA is able to conduct certified referee courses, certified coach courses and training programs for different levels. Exchange programs with overseas billiards associations are available as well.